Bazer Investment Group was founded by Ben Bazer, a seasoned real estate investor who grew up in a family of real estate investors, spending his youth cutting down tall grass and tearing out soiled carpet from the long abandoned foreclosure properties of the early 1990's in California. Ben learned construction at an early age, and with the help of his family, bought and remodeled his first home at the age of 21, while renting out bedrooms to his childhood friends.

That first investment put Ben on a path of residential Fix & Flip that hit critical mass during the foreclosure crisis of 2008/2009. During that boom to bust market, Ben co-founded Gorilla Capital, one of the largest Fix & Flip company's in the nation, with over $250,000,000 in sales during the 9 years that Ben worked within the organization. Ben is still an active Board Member and one of the largest shareholders of that company today.

Bazer Investment Group was built on the principals of its founder, and the idea that every property has value, provided the talent, experience, and capital can all be brought together to see the value maximized. With a focus on Quality over Quantity, the opportunistic, yet disciplined approach of the company, aims to deliver more.